OMG Optical Magnetic Gradiometer


OMG is a very high performance total field magnetometer and gradiometer with both high sensitivity and high bandwidth. It uses a special pulsed pump laser recently developed by Twinleaf to provide high atomic spin polarization and very low systematic error. The sensor has a very narrow axial dead zone that is difficult to encounter during typical magnetic survey. The sensor measures magnetic field using a frequency counter and can track very large changes in magnetic field. It recovers immediately from transient magnetic pulses. With its extraordinary dynamic range, it faithfully tracks very large signal variation while maintiaining its high sensitivity. Multiple sensors can be synchronized using synchronization units such as SYNC4 and SYNC7.




OMG Controls

OMG Dimensions


Plug it in, and wait for the sensor to warm up. The status light blinks according to the sensor status:

-3Red/BlackHardware Error
-2Red/BlackLow Voltage
1Red/WhiteCell heating
2Purple/RedPump locking
3Yellow/RedProbe locking
4Blue/WhiteLasers locked; no spin signal

The status code is also reported as the status byte in the data stream:

  12 49983.918231 5.49238 5
  13 49983.398123 5.91023 5
  14 49983.718472 5.43982 5

In text mode, the first column is the sequence number that should be sequential; this is useful to make sure you aren't missing points. The second column is the total magnetic field in nanotesla. The third column is the total field gradient in nT/cm. The last column is the status code.


OMG-200/2, inquire for price.