SYNC4 Synchronization Hub

SYNC4 System

Twinleaf devices can be synchronized by distributing a clock to the sensors. The clock is distributed on a dedicated pair of wires using low voltage differential signaling (LVDS). Using the sync-in port, multiple SYNC devices can be chained to form arbitrarily large synchronized systems. With the internal GPS module, the system can synchronize a sensor using GPS time. The unit also makes a good logging system thanks to the microSD card socket.




For precision applications using total field magnetometers the timebase affects the measurement accuracy. To obtain the highest accuracy and stability a higher quality local oscillator clock may be installed and distributed to connected sensors.

A GPS module and external antenna can be installed to obtain location and GPS timestamps


SYNC4 Front SYNC4 Rear


Firmware update: SYNC4-R6-firmware-2019-10-01-f87ef0.bin


SYNC4, $1430.