microSERF Zero Field Vector Magnetometer


The SERF regime exploits the fundamental zero field resonance of alkali metal atoms to make sensitive magnetic field measurements near zero field. microSERF uses a small microfabricated cell that is positioned close to the end of the sensor. Using this sensor it is possible to obtain very high sensitivity to small signals close to the tip of the sensor.




Place the sensor in a near-zero-field environment. Plug it in, and wait for the sensor to warm up. The status light blinks according to the sensor status:

-2Red/BlackLow Voltage
1Red/WhiteCell heating
2Yellow/RedLaser locking
3Red/BlackField zeroing failed
4Blue/YellowField zeroing active
5Blue/YellowField zeroing complete
7Green/WhiteCalibrated / Operational

On startup, the sensor automatically tries to zero the field and calibrate. On success, you will find a green light indicating the sensor is acquiring valid, calibrated data.

If the sensor is repositioned or the field environment changes, it is necessary to re-zero and re-calibrate. The labview program has an "Auto Zero" button that issues the auto.zero command to start the zeroing and calibration process.


Firmware update: SERF-R8-firmware-2022-02-22-db3b93


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