A Magnetometer Company

Twinleaf LLC was formed in 2007 to commercialize exciting new physics-based sensor technologies. We develop sensor systems under contracts from government, universities, and industry. Twinleaf is a woman-owned small business.

Management team

Thomas W. Kornack, Ph.D., Chief Scientist

Dr. Kornack is an expert in the design, fabrication and operation of magnetometers and gyroscopes, with over seven years of research in the field and authorship on groundbreaking publications. During graduate and postdoctoral work at Princeton University, he has worked on many important projects, including the development of the first SERF magnetometers. For his dissertation, he built a high-performance co-magnetometer to probe fundamental laws of physics and for use as a sensitive gyroscope. In 2007, Dr. Kornack founded Twinleaf to develop and commercialize these sensors for use in a wide variety of applications. Twinleaf's core technological basis is derived from his extensive experience building the world's most sensitive magnetic field sensors.

Elizabeth L. Foley, Ph.D., President

Dr. Foley is an expert in magnetic field measurements of high temperature magnetofluid plasmas. She received her doctorate from Princeton University for work on energetic neutral beam diagnostics and their unusual behavior in weaker magnetic fields. Dr. Foley brings a wealth of experience in experimental physics applicable to our sensors as well as experience operating a research and development business.


Twinleaf is the common name for Jeffersonia diphylla a beautiful and rare flowering plant that grows in forests in the eastern half of the United States. The plant is named after its leaves, which appear to be divided in half. The flower emerges in very early spring and is highly photosensitive, closing up unless sunny. With its unusual structure, it is classified almost alone in its genus, with only one other species in asia. We wish to associate our products with a thing of such rare form and beauty.