TCHF Alternating current heater controller

TCHF Front

It is possible to heat an optical vapor cell using a high frequency alternating current without affecting the performance of the atoms. With frequency up to 1 MHz, this heater controller minimizes the angular perturbation of atomic spins.

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Software support



TCHF and Oven


When changing the temperature sensor, it is necessary to specify a reference resistance and reference temperature using the following commands:

  1. Specify the sensor type using therm.sensor.type (1: RTD, 2: NTC thermistor).
  2. Set the sensor temperature coefficient using therm.sensor.coef, which may be ⍺ = 0.003850 for platinum RTDs or β = 3250 for NTC thermistors obeying the Steinhart–Hart equation.
  3. Set the sensor reference resistance therm.sensor.R0 in ohms.
  4. Set the sensor reference temperature therm.sensor.T0 in degrees C if different from 20 C.


TCHF-10 $1500